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WHO KNEW? Homosexual Activists Aim to Destroy Marriage

Masha Gessen

Judith Stacey

The revolution of the family: the Marxist roots of ‘homosexualism’

by Hilary White

Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23, 2013 ( – I have been asked recently “what is homosexualism?” I started using the term in my writing on these issues a few years ago when it became clear that we were dealing not with a group of people, but with a particular ideology that is often held by people who are not themselves homosexuals.

A few days ago in The Guardian, Peter Tatchell wrote a pretty good description not only of that ideology’s goals but its origins. This political ideology, often called “queer theory” by its proponents in academia, is what is being pushed, quite openly these days, by the “gay rights” movement. Despite what we are told all day by their collaborators in the mainstream media, from the six o’clock news to your favourite sit-com, this movement is not about “equal rights”. It is about re-writing the foundational concepts of our entire society. I predict that it will not be much longer before the pretense of “equality” is dropped, having done its work. Continue reading

Longtime Marijuana Use Linked With Decreased Motivation

By Denise Chow, Staff Writer
Published: 07/02/2013 06:47 AM EDT on LiveScience

The stereotype of pot smokers as lackadaisical loafers is supported by new research: People who smoke marijuana regularly over long periods of time tend to produce less of a chemical in the brain that is linked to motivation, a new study finds.

Researchers in the United Kingdom scanned the brains of 19 regular marijuana users, and 19 nonusers of the same sex and age, using positron emission tomography (PET), which helps measure the distribution of chemicals throughout the brain.

They found that the long-term cannabis users tended to produce less dopamine, a “feel good” chemical in the brain that plays an important role in motivation and reward-driven behavior. [Trippy Tales: The History of 8 Hallucinogens] Continue reading

Dominique, il ne parle que du bon Dieu

Dominique, nique, nique s’en allait tout simplement
Routier pauvre et chantant
En tous chemins, en tous lieux
il ne parle que du bon Dieu
il ne parle que du bon Dieu


A l’e poque ou Jean-sans-Terre de’
Angleterre etait Roi
Dominique, notre Pere
combattit les Albigeois
At a time when Johnny Lackland
over England was the King
Dominique was in the backland fighting
sin like anything
C’est un jour un hérétique par des
ronces le conduit,
mais notre Père Dominique par sa
joie le convertit.
Now a heretic, one day among the
thorns forced him to crawl
Dominique with just one prayer made him
hear the good Lord’s call
Ni chameau, ni diligence il par-
cout l’Europe a pied
Scandinavie ou Provence dans la
sainte pauvrete
Without horse or fancy wagon he crossed
Europe up and down
Poverty was his companion as he
walked from town to town
Enflamma de toute ecole filles et
garcons pleins d’ardeur
Et pour semer la Parole inven-
ta les Freres-Precheurs
To bring back the straying liars and the
lost sheep to the fold
He brought forth the Preaching Friars heaven’s
soldiers, brave and bold
Chez Dominique et ses freres le pain
s’en vint a manquer
Et deux anges se presenterent portant
de grands pains dores
One day, in the budding Order there was
nothing left to eat
Suddenly two angels walked in with a
loaf of bread and meat
Dominique vit en reve les pre-
cheurs du monde entier
Sous le manteau de la Vierge en grand
nombre rassembles
Dominique once, in his slumber saw the
Virgin’s coat unfurled
Over Frairs without number preaching
all around the world
Dominique, mon bon Pere, garde-
nous simples et gais
Pour annoncer a nos freres la Vie
et la Verite
Grant us now, O Dominique the grace of
love and simple mirth
That we all may help to quicken Godly
life and truth on earth