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Lillibullero – There Was an Old Woman Whisked Up in a Basket

A bull with lillies in its horns – Lillibullero.

I’m working from several loose ends~

Lillibulero for a Morris Dance.

  • The melody and lyric rhythm I am taking from my oral memory of a casette in the Wee Sing series. (I’m unable to find it.)
  • The harmony I’m taking partially from the traditional, 1950s BBC call sign version of Lillibullero.
  • I’m changing the 7th word from “tossed” or “swept” to “whisked”. (Who tossed or swept her?) We know that the wind whisked her.
  • I found some sheet music, in the wrong key, D major, a little too high for me to sing. C major fits my voice better. I am adapting it to 4 parts based on Wee Sing’s melody and the BBC’s harmony.

Some other tunes I want to learn.

When the Irish Call The Snakes Back Home

When the Irish call the snakes back home
and show St. Pat the door
and you get out you Naz’reth Babe,
don’t show your face no more
Then the ghost of Cromwell laughs from hell,
I couldn’t kill you but just as well,
You’ll do the job quite well yourselves,
and soon be joining me here.
Cuando los irlandeses llaman a las serpientes de vuelta a casa.
y mostrar a San Pat la puerta
y te salgas bebe de Nazaret,
no muestres tu cara más
Entonces el fantasma de Cromwell se ríe del infierno,
No podría matarte, pero igual de bien.
Ustedes harán el trabajo bastante bien,
Y pronto se unirán a mí aquí.