Baby Lily’s Life Saved by Cold

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Iced Iced baby

Lily Cracknell

Battling for life … newborn Lily in cool bag
Last Updated: 06th May 2013


TINY Lily Cracknell’s life was saved when doctors put her in a cooling bag after she was born.

She was battling to breathe for 30 minutes after mum Rebecca Hasler gave birth — before medics decided she needed chilling down.

Lily was placed in the cool bag for three days as her core body temperature was lowered from 37°C to 35.5°C.

Lily Cracknell and mum

Miracle … Lily and her mum

The chilling treatment was needed to stop her brain swelling, which could have killed her.

Lily, who weighed 5lb 13oz, was then slowly warmed up and started to recover.

Rebecca, 23, said: “Doctors said it was a miracle she pulled through.

“She looked so small and helpless lying there in her cool bag. But we knew it was her only chance of survival.”

Rebecca — who lives with photographer Nathan Cracknell, 22, in Harlow, Essex — had been diagnosed with the life threatening condition pre-eclampsia when 36 weeks pregnant.

Lily Cracknell

Full of life … Lily, now two, playing

She was taken for an immediate induced labour at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

The 30 minutes Lily struggled for breath after birth left her brain starved of oxygen and likely to swell.

So she was rushed to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for the specialist cooling treatment.

After two weeks she was allowed home.

Lily, who will be three in August, is still small for her age, but has made a strong recovery.

Rebecca said: “She may be tiny but she’s a fighter. When we tell people that Lily was put in a cool bag, they can’t believe it.

“Lily had a difficult start to life, but she is really making up for it now. She’s boisterous and full of mischief.

“We’re so grateful to the doctors for saving her.”

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