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Faithfulness in the Bible Alone

I’m a Catholic who is doing some print layout work for my friend who is faithful at the World Assemblies of God.

We are each convinced that Jesus Christ has given us Faith in our own particular creed.

I don’t know if I can speak exactly for my World Assemblies of God friend—I assume he is like me in this—but if I were convinced that the World Assemblies of God presented the fullness of Jesus Christ’s Truth—which is Himself—I would go there.

However, I’m convinced that the Catholic Church presents the fullness of Truth, as my friend is convinced that World Assemblies of God presents the fullness of Truth.

(Of course, there is a limit, not to God’s Truth, but to how we regard it: If I were convinced that Islam is the fullness of God’s truth, and that I should decapitate any and all non-Muslims, there would be a serious limitation to my understanding.)

Be that as it may, my friend believes in Sola Scriptura: that Truth is conveyed by the Bible Alone.

Although I believe that the Bible doesn’t say that the totality of God’s Truth is conveyed in the Bible, I can heartily endorse the effect my friend’s belief:

  • In that, if we would all merely follow what the Bible says, we would be doing God’s will.

However, I learned from a preacher, who happens to be a Catholic priest, that we can’t twist Jesus Christ’s words to suit our own preferences, hard as this may seem.

Jesus, The Truth, said

Whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery”.

We can’t twist the Image of Jesus to suit our preferences any more than the image of woman can be distorted into that of a baboon.

Would that my friend’s desire would be fulfilled, that all people listen to God’s Word and follow it faithfully.


Beulah Bondi’s prayer at the return of her son whom she supposed dead


From “Of Human Hearts” (1938). James Steward is a selfish son who accepts his mother’s aid for becoming a successful surgeon, without any real gratitude. President Lincoln, the closest thing to God in the American pantheon, calls the surgeon to Washington, chastises him for his selfishness and commands him to write to his Mother (Bondi) every week or face court-marshal. Here is her prayer at the return of her son whom she supposed dead:

We thank Thee, Father, for this and all Thy bounty.
Teach us to avoid the pitfalls of prejudice, pride and vanity.
Give us strength to aid the helpless, give our hearts unselfishness.
Teach us mercy, humility and charity.
Make us thoughtful of the meek, the sick, the unfortunate, the needy.
Make our humble lives a reflection of Thy grace.
These things we ask in Thy Name. Amen.