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Sex Zombies versus The Human Beings

bigbreathers-275x221Every little child intuitively understands the principle, that sexual privacy is the secret at the core of the person which cannot be violated without degrading the fundamental sense of self-worth—Planned Parenthood very well knows it as much as Charlie Manson does.

Teens teach porn class, and other madness: inside a Planned Parenthood-sponsored conference

by Rita Diller

Thu May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013 ( – When I walked into this year’s Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside, Oregon, one of the first things I encountered was a table manned by three young teen boys. On the table was a collage that included many depictions of totally bare female genitalia—obviously pornographic and, one would think, illegal.

A key component of Charlie Manson’s technique to gain homicidal control of his followers was that each and every one must be systematically sexually degraded, in an exercise that he termed “getting scared”.

The collage included a drawing of a woman circa 1950 declaring, in the most base terms, what a woman’s private parts should smell like. It also included a drawing of a pigtailed little girl riding on a tricycle with the word “Vagina!” written above her, and another drawing of a young female child standing by a rose, with the word “Vagina” written below her on a chalkboard.

“Everyone can come inside” are the words visible along the outer edge of the piece, which appeared to be a decoupaged plate.

The boys smiled nervously as hordes of teens, who had arrived for what some described as a field trip, passed the display table. Planned Parenthood was on the steering committee of this conference.

Catholic tradition describes this tendency to conceal sex as “modesty.” It is a certain kind of shame. We would do well to understand what it is and what it is not. In his book, Purity: The Mystery of Christian Sexuality, Dietrich von Hildebrand distinguishes between different kinds of shame. Some kinds of shame are, in fact, a reaction against what is “disgraceful or ugly.” Yet not all shame is so. Some kinds of shame are a form of reverence. For example the French word pudeur is translated into English as “shame”; however, it has the nuance of “holy bashfulness” for which there is no equivalent in English. – Mary Victrix, In Defense of Purity

The booth belonged to Youth for Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault (YEPSA), a supposedly teen-led initiative from Eugene, Oregon. At a booth whose stated mission was the prevention of sexual assault, I could only wonder why the teen boys would be manning a table containing graphic pictures of female genitalia, suggesting that “everyone can come inside” a pigtailed little girl on a tricycle.

With that question in mind, I checked on the Internet and found that the group puts on performances, the first of which was The Vagina Monologues. The students stated they just finished a run of a play that they wrote about the life struggles of a transgendered woman. They have a transgender education panel coming up, and they do art shows around teen sexuality and gender.

Day two of the conference found me very reluctantly attending a workshop led by YEPSA entitled “You Say Porn, I Say Porn!”

The program description did not even begin to touch the stark reality of the session. “To porn or not to porn, that is the question. YEPSA will be leading the masses through the very exciting world of pornography.” The session was held in a large room, filled with teens and adults. It started with a soft porn video commercial. Continue reading