Deny Government Employees the Vote

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VogonsDuring fifteen years in civil service, I only found out after being laid off from a government jurisdiction whose tax base collapsed, that it was an unreal world.

“Civil Servants” aren’t servants at all, they are de facto superiors of the citizenry whose lives they regulate.

Their government union representatives, feel free to hijack compulsory union dues, promote socially destructive, sexually-radical policies, in the meantime, corrupting the political process that is supposed to regulate government employment.

The only solution is to politically disenfranchise public employees–deny them the vote. Let’s set up the brouhaha this invites, by contrasting some of the disadvantages with the advantages.

A large proportion of the electorate is in government employment. Arbitrarily denying political representation to such a large group, would invite its own set of abuses.

Why not emulate the French system, La Legion Etrangere, the French Foreign Legion, which gives elite privileges to foreigners–many with criminal backgrounds֫–but denies them any say in political decision making?

Sound somewhat familiar? We’re already at that stage. Legions of non-citizens, many of them grievously criminal, already tip the balance in national, Presidential elections.

Why not merely institutionalize the present status quo?

Guarantee civil servants yearly “cost-of-living” pay increases well beyond the rates granted to private sector workers.

Make it impossible for them to be fired; give them lifetime employment security.

Enhance their already considerable reputation for high-handed treatment of the powerless citizenry–the very definition of officious.

But to counterbalance those exorbitant benefits, deny them any say in political decision making, and take back your country.