For Defense of Traditional Marriage: The equivalent of Vitae Caring Foundation pro-life commercials

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This triangle of truisms, of father, mother and child, cannot be destroyed; it can only destroy those civilizations which disregard it. – G.K. Chesterton


Why can’t we have, for Defense of Traditional, Authentic Marriage, the equivalent of the Vitae Caring Foundation, pro-life commercials [ ]?

Question asked on EWTN Open Line, Weds. March 20, 2013

EWTN OpenLine Wednesdays, moderated by Tom Price, host Fr. Mitch Pacwa, caller Bill Keevers

EWTN OpenLine Wednesdays, moderated by Tom Price, host Fr. Mitch Pacwa, caller Bill K.

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Question: “Hello, I was going to ask if there’s a way we that can get the equivalent of the pro-life advertising foundation, the Vitae Caring Foundation, for the Defense of Traditional Marriage? It seems like we’re about to get slammed on Proposition 8 at the Supreme Court; and we’re going to get officially declared to be ‘bigots’, and we’re going to lose our window of opportunity. But, we have an example in this pro-life advertising, where they have reduced abortion rates more than 35% in markets where they advertise. You have your own program Life on the Rock, November 18, 2010, Dr. Carl Landwehr, with Fr. Mark and Fr. Anthony, showing about this. Can’t we get this for the Defense of Traditional Marriage?”

Fr. Mitch Pacwa answers: “Actually, you have an excellent idea. However, there is a problem, which is that there’ve been some pro-family advertisements already proposed, and networks won’t let them be shown. They won’t accept the money, even, to have these shown. So, we are in a quandary. We cannot underestimate the sense of how important this is to people on that side of things [the pro-counterfeit-marriage media managers]. They at this point do not dare to not be pro-Same Sex Marriage. That’s the reality that we’re dealing with right now. I wish it were otherwise, but it’s not. So this is going to be definitely a problem.”

Moderator Tom Price observes: “How sad is that, Father, when you see great strides, with a group like Tom Peterson, Catholics Come Home. You see great strides with the anti-abortion spots. And yet, here’s something that we should all take for granted, that it’s understood. This is what makes society work.”

Fr. Pacwa: “But, the problem that you are not paying attention to is that, it worked. That is the problem, for some of these folks. It was effective, and they do not want that on television. Your idea is, of course, very good, but being able to get that on the air at this stage…I just was listening to another station where people were trying to get it on the air, and it was streng verboten [German: strictly forbidden].”

Tom Price: “So sad, so sad. Bill, thank you for your call, certainly plenty to pray about.”

Life on the Rock – Prolife Message – Fr Mark and Fr Anthony w Carl Landwehr – 11-18-2010

Interview begins at 8 minutes, 20 seconds. Use the YouTube slider to queue.

  • Fr. Mitch said that we can’t get advertisements like this accepted on mainstream television because those in power don’t want it, precisely because the Vitae Caring Foundation commercials have been successful in reducing abortion rates.

Next Question:

Why can’t we just do an end run around the pro-counterfeit-marriage media managers’ objections, with an innocuous ad campaign, (using expert marketing research and consumer psychology), to communicate the proposition–putting it subliminally rather than literally–”Every little child wants a married Mommy and Daddy“?

  • Our media experts tend to get the wool pulled over their eyes about the extent to which the average Same-Sex-Attracted person, supposedly has some kind of mania for counterfeit marriage–it’s the elite, homosexualist talking-heads who create this impression. When 200,000 Parisians marched in support of authentic marriage in November, 2012, it was openly reported in the world press that homosexuals themselves proclaimed “we don’t want ‘gay marriage’ “. (You never hear that about the USA, because the neo-Stalinist media megalopoly has such news hermetically clamped down, so that Joe People Magazine or Sally Entertainment Tonight never hear a whisper–but our flesh-&-blood, Same-Sex-Attracted neighbors are real people, beyond the After the Ball stereotypes.)The fact that not all, not demonstrably even a majority of SSA people are monolithically obsessed with “marriage equity”, is borne out by the experience in countries like the Netherlands which have had “gay marriage” for many years–there is hardly anyone who takes advantage of the provision.
  • It’s time to move the debate away from “compassion for the poor, discriminated-against adult people who just want the freedom to express their love“, toward the rights of children to a biologically-intact family.A recent, rigorously documented study found that children of heterosexual parents fare better than children of homosexual parents on numerous indicators of personal well-being.
  • The Vitae Caring Foundation experienced similar difficulties getting their advertisements placed on television in the beginning of their apostolate. But it seems they wore out the abortion establishment and their sympathizers, who got tired of turning down their money. Now commercials by the Vitae Caring Foundation and Heroic Media are seen in major media markets.
  • It should be possible to create an advertising campaign that gently but effectively exhorts real people to express their natural sympathy and concern for the interests of children, much like the Vitae Caring Foundation’s “Lifesaver” commercial does for prolife.

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