Gender Theory While Buying Baby Clothes

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Those pesky working-class parents just don’t get the fact that gender roles are “socially determined”—they keep insisting on buying either pink or blue baby clothes—nothing “in-between”.

Dee and I gave a group Baby Shower for nine Moms on Valentine’s Day.

ddsDiscountsWe get our baby clothes at DD’s Discounts.

We classify the Babies as Girl, Boy or Unknown.

It’s the Unknowns that give us the problem while buying baby clothes.

Every Teenage Boy Knew What Midol Would Do To Him

Every Teenage Boy Knew What Midol Would Do To Him

We can’t give boy babies anything with pink or purple, because the working class Dads who are our Moms’ baby-daddies would think they were going to be turned “gay”.

ProjectLinusThe Moms themselves probably wouldn’t mind getting some overly colorful baby blankets, but you never know who’s hanging around at home and whether or not that beautiful Project Linus baby blanket with the deep purple and pink hues is going to end up in the trash.

Therefore, discretion being the better part of valor, Kids’ clothes and blankets have to be ruthlessly segregated by sex and color.

The problem arises with the occasional Moms who don’t know their babies’ sex, and with drop-in Moms who we need to provision even though they never registered before coming to the party.

We have to have baby clothes and blankets that are neither pink nor blue, that are going to have acceptable colors regardless of sex.

It’s not so bad with the fine quality Project Linus blankets—we can usually find something with green, though yellow would be too girly for a little Unknown budding into a Buddy. But the wide variety of Linus blankets usually allow some color wiggle-room.

Not so at DD’s Discounts. Working-class customers demand the most absolute rock-bottom prices; they have little tolerance for any ivory-tower notions of social propriety.

The customers are predictable, but it’s the clothing manufacturers, marketers and distributors who should know better: Little kids are actually being brainwashed into believing that their sex is biologically determined, fixed and invariable.

It’s up to the better educated, more enlightened classes to bring them out of this dark ages mentality.