How we measure our love for our children

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” Even bad people love their children”.

But do they? Its not so much, “are they capable of love”, as, “do they know what love is”?

It’s parallel to “what is freedom”? The ability to do whatever you want? Or the ability to do what is right?

Love is preferring the good of the other for the other’s sake.

It can be explained to a five-year-old, as simply as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider’s mutual, self-sacrificial love.


(Rapunzel is willing to remain the false-mother’s slave, to save Flynn Rider’s life. Flynn is willing to die so that Rapunzel can become free. Self-sacrificial love that perfects their romance into True Love: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”.)

But what about “love” for one’s children? Successfully passing the test should be, that we want better for our children than ourselves.

What if we don’t even examine ourselves, whether we really want that for our children?

How can we want better for our children, if we aren’t willing to live better ourselves?

The real marker should be, that when we have our first children, we stop all our youthful foolishness and start to live for them.

For those of us gifted with faith, the change is marked by our regularly attending church.