Jack Keevers writes a note to Betty Shields, June 14, 1932

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Dapper Jack



Betty — “Libbie”

Congress Hotel,
June 14, 1932, 11 PM

Dear Betty:

How are you, honey? I suppose you are ready for the good old hay, or sumpin’. Did you work hard today? I hope not. What’s new by you, precious? There is one thing I’d like to hear you say right now. Betcha if you were here you’d say it, wouldn’t you?

I saw lots of big shots today. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. gave a boy one thin dime.

I talked to Will Rogers this afternoon as follows:

WillRogersBaseballMe: Who is going to be nominated, Mr. Rogers?

Will: Yes, the Cubs have a good ball team.

He looks just like he does in the movies. Peculiar, eh?

One of our men was at Hopewell on the Lindbergh case. He did not say much about it.

The California delegates gave a concert in the lobby about 8:30. Music & baloney while you work. The baloney was all about Hoover being the man to end the depression, to the tune of Moonlight and Roses.

If this sounds a little squirelly, don’t pay any attention to it. I just thought I would drop you a note to show that I was thinking of you. I may go home in an hour or so. We have been very busy all day, and expect some fireworks in a few minutes.

Well honey, will be seeing you. I hope it’s soon.

Je t’aime


Marriage Notes for John O’Connell Keevers and Elizabeth Margaret Shields:

November 30, 1935 – WITH THIS RING I THEE WED

It was early, very early the day they were married. The church was shadowy. Tiny golden flames flickered on the altar and brightened the faces of those two who were repeating the marriage vows after the scarlet-clad priest. BETTY SHIELDS was changing her name. Tiny, sweet BETTY SHIELDS was becoming JACK KEEVERS’ bride. And what a lovely bride Betty was.

Her dark-fringed blue eyes seemed bluer than usual. Perhaps it was the reflection of the blue bridal gown. And how her eyes shown! Could they have been enhanced because of the sparkling silver turban perched so demurely upon her proud head?

Never was there a bride who wore a ring so tiny. Surely it had been fashioned for a fairy princess. But, of course! BETTY was the Fairy Princess and JACK was her Prince Charming, not only on that morn of November thirtieth, but forever and ever.
Reprinted from Saint Jerome’s church bulletin.