Lillibullero – There Was an Old Woman Whisked Up in a Basket

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I’m working from several loose ends~

Lillibulero for a Morris Dance.

  • The melody and lyric rhythm I am taking from my oral memory of a casette in the Wee Sing series. (I’m unable to find it.)
  • The harmony I’m taking partially from the traditional, 1950s BBC call sign version of Lillibullero.
  • I’m changing the 7th word from “tossed” or “swept” to “whisked”. (Who tossed or swept her?) We know that the wind whisked her.
  • I found some sheet music, in the wrong key, D major, a little too high for me to sing. C major fits my voice better. I am adapting it to 4 parts based on Wee Sing’s melody and the BBC’s harmony.

Some other tunes I want to learn.