Miss Livinia: “Black people know Obama is hurting them but they’ll always support ‘one of our people’ “

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LenaHorneMiss Livinia (not her real name) is a Black steel magnolia, not just upper middle class, but in personal comportment, a positive Princess. She resembles Lena Horne facially, in her speech and attitude. I’ve never seen her look less than stunning, at well past 80.

Livinia was an inner city school principal. She formulated her own early childhood reading pedagogy, which she used to great success getting little Black kids to read.

At one time she was more in the political mainstream. I think she was shocked at the effect of Maafa 21, the worst of which is that spiritual influence behind the population control movement understood since black women would smother their own children in the time of slavery that the greatest success would be to get Black people to kill themselves off, as if Black is Beautiful, the greatest thing to come out of the 60s, never even happened.

She has since sworn off the cool aid, but I was shocked at her pronouncement:

  • Black people know that Obama is hurting them, but they will always support him because ‘he is one of “our people” ‘.

That’s quite an admission, for a lady who has hobnobbed with the elites.

There’s nothing about this on the internet.