Myrna Lee Opsahl, December 13, 1932 – April 21, 1975

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‘Death to the Fascist Insect’ Proclaimed the Revolutionary Cohorts of the Symbionese Liberation Army as they Bravely Murdered the Humble Christian Woman, Myrna Lee Opsahl This Day Forty Years Ago.

A photographic exhibition once featured the resolute face of a late 1930s murder suspect as he was marched into a paddy wagon. I’ve often searched for that image as an example of dedicated unrepentance.

No more. We have the face of Emily Harris and her colleagues in domestic terrorism, waiting in court.


Dr. Trygve Opsahl received news of his dear wife Myrna’s murder at his surgical practice at American River Hospital in Carmichael, California that Monday morning in April, 1975, forty years ago today.

We can see arrogant unrepentance, and yet hidden fear in the faces of Myrna’s murderers.

Let it be a warning to us. Let us strive not to leave this world with such an attitude, in the least, little measure, toward anyone in this world.