Neo-Stalinist Media Megalopoly

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If there were a devil, he would want to be unknown, in fact, his anonymity would be essential for him to further his purpose.

The news media have become an unregulated supra-governmental force, without checks and balances required for a functioning democratic republic to continue. The truth about their activities is hidden behind a tissue of illusion, like wheels within wheels, because if their great power to obfuscate and spin delusions were publicized, it would fail.

It’s essential for the news media to achieve their purpose, that they blend into the background, in fact, achieve invisibility. A succinct, accurate label for the media is needed, toward the goal of neutralizing the consciousness-limiting effects of newspeak.

Neo-Stalinist Media Megalopoly is a term very dense, if not obscure, but I need to use it to convey a lot of background.

Neo-Stalinist refers to the fact that historical dictatorships have regarded achieving absolute control of their media image as key to regulating their subjects’ thought patterns, their most important long-term goal after taking the essential, more immediate step of the liquidating the intelligentsia and the priests.

The rulers of a megalopoly are the undisputed dominant elite of an all-inclusive, inescapable geographic domain–a hegemony beyond the furthest that anyone can run or hide. Consider the adamantine resolve of the population-controllers and sexual-radicals that no nation, people or group shall escape compulsory, abortion-on-demand.

The current reign of disinformation has exceeded the wildest dreams of Hitler, Stalin or Mao.

The American media are poised to escape their slavish obedience to the current administration, and take their place as our undisputed masters. They only temporarily lack the coherence to achieve this, but they have all the instruments of control already within their grasp.

The criterion of success:

American media consumers–Joe People Magazine and Sally Entertainment Tonight–must never suspect that their opinions are carefully and completely programmed.

Subjects of the old Soviet Union knew the official press was completely regulated and filled with lies, but they still paid attention to its pronouncements because hidden between the lines in Pravda, there were messages regarding underground currents and trends in the politics of the ruling elite.

No such wrinkle is allowed to disturb the surface of the Neo-Stalinist Media Megaloply’s “news” offerings.

“…they were either politicians or reporters, which, of course, comes to the same thing.” – Ford Madox Ford, “The Good Soldier

Among the disinformational elite, the graduates of Columbia Journalism School and other top training institutions, the holy grail of journalistic achievement is to make or break governments. An example of this type of thing, a difference of degree rather than kind, is the Mossad’s involvement in the downfall of the Yitzhak Rabin government in the 1970s. (Intelligence services and news media actually have a large overlap in operations.)

This list of successful American media coups is short but significant:

  • Edward R. Murrow cited “the fight against communism” in his king-breaking See It Now broadcast of March 9, 1954. It was Murrow who brought to this country, Herbert Marcuse of the heretical branch of Marxism, the Frankfurt School (cultural communism). Marcuse was architect of the radicalization of three generations of American college classrooms. Revelations from declassified Soviet intelligence archives and the Venona Transcripts now show that Joseph McCarthy was accurate in his assertions about communist infiltration of the American State Department, even in the numbers he cited.
  • The Watergate downfall of Richard Nixon can be productively characterized as occasioned by two main events, Nixon’s acceptance of a $100,000 bribe from Howard Hughes, and a secret vendetta by Assistant FBI Director Mark Felt involved with his being passed over for the head position of Director. The Washington Post attained the chief place in the journalistic pantheon by acting as king-breaker of the Nixon administration, which had won a 49-state landslide in 1972. Poor, pathetic Bob Woodward, still relishing the limelight he held in All The President’s Men days, can’t quite grasp the scope of his downfall from power today.

Perhaps most remarkable among the true superlatives of American history—richest-ever nation, most freedom, millions still want to come here—is the fact that the American media have achieved the most successful regime of thought-control in world history, unmatched in the wildest dreams of the great dictators.

It’s all so big, they just haven’t yet figured out what to do with it.

A disgraced Catholic Priest, who prefers not to be mentioned, once remarked that in the dregs of society where there is no room for illusions—among the drug addicts and prostitutes—there is no doubt that the devil is real.