Our First Fourth of July After Our Freedom is Over

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shackledFlagWhat will our first Fourth of July be like, once we have completely lost our freedom?

It won’t matter which pet cause of the Disinformational Elites is then-currently mandatory.

Gay Marriage won’t have any special favor over the long run.

As soon as the Elites have determined that our population is waning too much, they could just as easily forbid any sterile sexual relations, where now fruitful sexual relations are severely sanctioned.

Or as soon as the Elites have completely broken the spirit of the people by disintegrating their national identity, they may decide that unregulated immigration is forbidden. American Government immigration policy may become so severe that it makes Mexico’s look liberal.

P.S. To: CodeToad

Re: “The right to abortions is guaranteed by law.”

That could only be, if Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton (1973) had been passed by Legistlators.

Lawmakers make laws. Judges litigate on the basis of laws passed by Lawmakers.

Roe and Doe may be the litigation of the land, but, as opposed to Left-Coast States like California & New York, which actually BOTHERED to pass laws allowing for abortion, Congress never passed any law, nor did two-thirds of the States ratify any Amendments to The Constitution mandating universal abortion.

How the Court Became Supreme by judicial scholar Robert Lowry Clinton in First Things, January 1999