Newspeak Approximate Translation
Amsoc primethink. Orthodox American Socialist thought is mandatory.
Amsoc doubleplusgood. American Socialism is the extreme best.
Amsoc everwise exist. American Socialism is the ultimate truth.
Amsoc primesource minis. The foundation of American Socialist order is its powerful, authoritarian government agencies.
Miniluv crimethinkstopper. The Ministry of Internal Security ruthlessly eradicates criminally incorrect thought.
Keeps Amsocsource goodthink. It keeps the purity of thought at the fountainhead of American Socialism.
Minipax oversea Amsoc plus. The Ministry of Perpetual War keeps American Socialism supremely strong throughout the world.
Amsoc sourcethink plus rations, wares. Orthodox American Socialist thought keeps citizens well fed and provisioned.
Amsoc doubleplusgoodthink! Orthodox American Socialist thought is the best.