R Kids Equal To You?

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Are Kids Equal to You? Every Child Needs A Married Mom & Dad. Don't Believe It? Ask Any Kid.

Do Colors Lie?

Blue U.S.A.

If Statistics Lie, Colors Can Be Made To.

Religious Wars < Fascism (the political manifestation of the period of economic history known as Monopoly Capitalism) < Leftism (the doctrine that the individual is less than the State)

The real truth belied by the Leftist Lie (“The State is greater than the individual”) cannot be disclosed in the media, therefore, Leftist U.S. States are “True Blue”. Conservative U.S. States are “Red” (bloodletters).

The yellow and dark blue colors have not yet been made to lie, in the Marriage Equity / Defense of Authentic (vs. Counterfeit) Marriage conflict.

They still declare themselves openly.