The Unbearable Lightness of Cyber

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If the ‘Internet of Things’ were so great, why isn’t the First Thing that everything connects to a computer for HUMANS to control it all?

How Do You Do This to a Tablet or Laptop?

I am so delighted with the thermostat in my apartment. It doesn’t have batteries, buttons or a display. If I want heat or cooling, I simply slide 1 or at the most 2 switches, the only mechanism is a mercury switch, it does exactly what I want, I am THE MASTER.

At my old place, I was ready to go get one of these. I thought I could find one at a used equipment place. If I hadn’t moved here, I was ready to revolt. My only resort in my former helpless condition with a programmable thermostat was to let the batteries run out and use a portable heater in the bedroom.

I think the management at my new place resorted to this subversive strategy of great, obsolete stuff, because it was easier than having to deal with tenants who can’t program the d!&%*mned things.

Not my original idea, but a guy told me that every single, last, blasted device—even new toasters that won’t let you push the lever up when the toast is done sooner than the dial setting, but you have to push a RE-SET BUTTON to get the stuff out before it burns—everything that beeps, buzzes or blinks at you SHOULD HAVE A PORT THAT WILL CONNECT TO A COMPUTER     s.o.   y.o.u.    d.o.n.t.   h.a.v.e.   t.o.   p.r.o.g.r.a.m.   c.r.y.p.t.i.c.   d.e.v.i.c.e.s.

This is bliss in the age of «the internet of things». If this grand technological scheme which is haywired from the outset had any merit,     T.H.E.Y.   W.O.U.L.D.   H.A.V.E.   I.T.   A.L.L.   C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R   C.O.N.N.E.C.T.E.D.

EdwardSnowdenThis is living proof that technology is intrinsically fascist. The people who dream this stuff up are techno-Nazis. Edward Snowden may fantasize about being 007, but he’s really just monogonad Adolph Hitler in a super-hero costume. The people who live techno-junk day in & out are really in the service of MiniLuv, “the place where the lights never go out”.

Making every little Hitler-gadget accountable to a computer interface is something the designers never dreamed of, because they’re all really about controlling us, even as they beguile us with the latest whiz-bang neato things they’re going to do for us.

Tomorrow’s Junk Today.