To a Businessman With Whom I Have a Disagreement over Payment for Services Rendered

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I produced a fully functional website, complete with user queryable database. The businessman in question used the website, even to the extent of corresponding with me regarding changes in data. He refuses to pay me on the pretext that we didn’t have a written agreement. Here are my comments regarding our eternal disposition.

Have you ever heard what happens when a person is leaving this world?

ScroogeThey see their whole life played before them, not like Scrooge, but in tiny increments, as it were, in 4-d holography, moment by moment, sensation by sensation, thought by thought. They know everything they ever did, including and especially, the things they tried to fool themselves about.

Now, if that’s true about an individual life, guess what happens on The Last Day? The Lord, Who stands outside all time, has got all eternity:

Everyone who was ever created, from JP Morgan or Julius Cesar, down to the littlest embryo who was only alive for a few hours:

We Will All See What Each Other Did, Every Little Moment, At The Same Infinitesimal, Micro-Granular Level.

The Lord has got all eternity, to prove to each one of us, that He was infinitely Just, Patient and Forbearing to us.

A Priest named Fr. Steven Scheier had a terrible accident on a rural, Midwestern highway, part of his brain was sheared off, he stood before the Judgment Seat of God. When Our Blessed Lord accused him of all his sins, for which he deserved hell, he could offer no excuses, all he could say was, “Yes, Lord”. Then our Blessed Mother spoke up for him, asking her Son to send him back to this world.

You and I will see everything each other ever did. Perhaps our Blessed Lord might even judge between you and me, which of us was more just in our business dealings with each other?

See you on the Last Day. May God have mercy on our souls.