Walk, Don’t Run (with lyrics)

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Ventures Walk Don't Run
(Turn down the volume slider on the right!)

OH walk don’t run ‘cause you know you can get hurt.
Running is messy ‘cause you kick up the dirt.
Walk don’t run, if you know what’s good for you.

Walking’s a method of travel you should choose.
Running can mess up the soles of your shoes
Walk don’t run, ‘cause you’ll get blisters, corns and athlete’s foot.

So it may take a little longer,
to get where you’re going.
Hey, so WHAT!!?
Think of the breath you’ll save.
Don’t be a slave to the crowd!
Plus it’s easier.

Listen to me I have no reason to lie.
Walk don’t run, since you know that you can’t fly.
Walk don’t run,
walk don’t run, walk, don’t run.

W-A-L-K  D-O-N’T R-U-N.