Your Biz Needs a Mobile Site FIRST

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Android Google "Speak Now" SEARCHJ

Android Google “Speak Now” SEARCH

yellowLightI was out driving, looking for a movie, (“but not TEXTING”). I was using the little speech recognition gadget on my little Android phone, the cheapest one you can buy; it recognizes speech pretty well—I wish I had it on my other devices!

I swear I wasn’t breaking the law; I would only look at the phone at stop lights, to start the gadget—I did speak into the device while moving, I THINK that’s legal. I would only click on links while stopped.

I HOPE I wasn’t trying to evade detection…Alright, it’s legally “iffy”.

YourBizHereThis type of action is repeated many 100,000s times a day. It’s what the “internet” is used for most commonly as it affects your bu$ine$$.

Your customers are looking for you—you just haven’t informed them of it yet. Your business is at a definite place on GPS, your customers’ phones are in another place, in the time it took you to read this, they’re deciding between you and your competition. Everyday hi-tech will either lead them to you or away from you—depending on how well you use this essentially free technology.

Do you really have time to linger and ponder deeply on whether or not your “website” looks “cool” to you & your friends? That has to be taken into account, but in a multi-use utility, getting your customers in the front door with their wallets has to be first.

148 Feet – 1/10/95

What “Multi-Use”? Look at some base infrastructure we all take for granted, that can unexpectedly cause serious life interruption if things go wrong, because it’s over-extended: Flood control. How far do you live from a river? I thought I was pretty well set up, I live 10 miles from the nearest river. Then I saw this sign on a little back street—the city doesn’t really advertise it, but somehow this information squeaked through.

This place is ordinary looking, but on January 13, 1952, four people drowned here. It sits in a bowl; as you’re sitting in your car, you’re looking up at the asphalt no matter what direction you’re going. A modest water level surge, flooding only up to people’s knees in adjacent areas, could put you 20 feet under water in a matter of a minute.

Flood control is only part of river use. We expect the Army Corps of Engineers also to deliver agricultural irrigation, transportation and recreation on our rivers, but it’s always a compromise in which failure to put priority on the most important thing–safety–can have most inconvenient consequences.

There are flood control engineering projects working perfectly well in China that are 2,000 years old, but they place safety first. Transportation may be second, irrigation may not be taken into account at all, and the people probably felt adequately “recreated” if they could get something to eat and stay safe.

We expect so much from our hydrological civil engineering, we are in danger of failing to put primary emphasis on the purpose of highest priority: keeping ourselves safe, before recreation, transportation or even irrigation.


How You “See” Things

You can put your biz website to multiple uses–as long as your planning is explicit about what that means. The money trail involves seeing things from your customers’ perspective first, and putting your natural pride in your business accomplishments in a close, second place.

To put your publicity priorities in the right order, just imagine yourself searching for your business services, the way your customers think. Envision yourself driving, you’re in a hurry, you’ve got a lot to do, you want the best deal, you want the business to treat you fairly, you really want some beneficial, expert help guiding you in your “opinion formation”…customer education. Now, wearing your other hat as a goods & services provider, you need your business publicity to take all that into account, and more.

whoWhatWhenWhereWhyThe first thing is to get a mobile site that’s quick, cheap, comprehensive. It needs to tell customers in about 1.5 seconds what you’re going to do for them better than anyone else, how they’ll be smart to go with you—and imply less than optimal results if they fail to take advantage of the opportunity now—quickly & convincingly tell them that when, where and how means you, now!

You certainly do need a regular computer website, to ensure that you get a fair shake from the search engines. That is closer to the 2nd place concern: how your website looks to you. But concentrate first on your customers’ “user experience”—which more often than not, these days, is mobile.